Elongated stitch clarified

Needing help - when making the elongated stitch scarf Amy has in her free patterns …will one edge of the scarf have a “braided” type of appearance with the other edge free and unbound looking? I watched amy’s video several times but couldn’t really distinguish it. i know this is a really simple pattern but I obsess over making it “just right”. :oops:


I just finished a scarf using that stitch. I didn’t do anything special…just knitted however many rows, then did a row of the elongated. My scarf came out normal looking, both edges look the same. The only thing is to make sure you tug and even out the elongated stitches after you’re done with them. It was probably just the yarn i was working with, but it tended to get tangled and stuck to itself and then it was a job to get the elongated stitches.

I hope this helps…