Elmore Pisgah has been GREAT!

Normally I just lurk, but wanted to share some good yarn news…

I ordered seven cones of Peaches & Creme by phone directly from EP earlier this month. When my order arrived, one of the cones was the wrong color. EP told me to keep the wrong color as their gift and they shipped me the cone I ordered originally at no charge (it cost them about ten dollars in shipping charges for just the one cone, according to the paperwork I found). They were just sweet as could be about it.

I’m glad I got to keep the “erroneous” color. It’s called “burnt orange”, but it’s really a Halloweeen orange. I’m using it with black to knit a dishcloth.

I wanted to let any other Mason-Dixon Knitting enthusiasts know that ordering P&C directly from Elmore Pisgah worked out great. :thumbsup:

Wow! That’s really wonderful customer service. :cheering:

Thanks for the heads up, I love to hear about great customer service, it means alot to me when choosing where to shop.

Just wanted to let you know that out there in the world wide web on either dishcloth boutique or knittingpatterncentral I think there is a dishcloth done in shadow knitting to get a candy corn that uses the bright orange.

What a coincidence! I was just looking at their website yesterday. I wasn’t sure about ordering from them, so it’s good to know that you had such a positive experience. Thanks! :thumbsup: