Furry Red Monster Dishcloth

Oh I :heart: Elmo. Hey! I think I have some red cotton yarn in my stash. All I need now is the time.


Wow, thanks. My kids love Elmo. :slight_smile:

My two year old daughter loves Elmo. When they stopped playing play with me sesame here in the UK we were all very upset. will have to get some red cotton and make one. thanks for sharing

Nice little ‘stocking stuffer’ for my DGD who loves Elmo.

Thank you!

Has any one tried to make this ELMO yet? I’m trying to figure out if the pattern is wrong or I messed up…:frog:

They have a really cute elmo pattern over on ravelry for free its made with red fun fur and super cute;)

Sadly I am not on ravelry so it would be hard for me to see the pattern.

Well I am, so here it is! :muah:

Too cute! Thanks. My 14 month old niece is going to love Elmo and Cookie Monster:heart:

I thought they would be adorable done up in red and blue fun fur yarn and your welcome:) Thanks Renee for posting a link;)