Ellery Cardigan

Hi ! I’m Jenna. I’m about to start my first cardigan and am looking over the pattern. I’m already confused by it and I’m hopeful someone can help clear this up.
The pattern is Ellery Cardigan by Sierra Morningstar
Under torso direction it says
DEC ROW (RS): K3 (4,3,4)(1,4,3,4), (K2tog,K7) 6 (3,8,5)(6,7,12,9) times, *K2tog,K6(8,6,8)7,8,6,8);rep from *3 (9,3,9)(11,9,3,9)more times;(K2tog,K7) 6 (3,8,5)(6,7,12,9)times,K2tog,K3(4,3,4)(1,4,3,4). 17 (17,21,21)(25,25,29,29) sets dec;131(147,163,179)(195,211,227,243) sets.

This pattern has multiple finished sizes and I’m thinking that is what all the numbers are inside the parentheses I’m making the first size inside the parentheses.
It is written
Finished measurements
34.25 (38.25,42.25,46.25)(50.25,54.25,58.25,62.25)
So I’m thinking I’ll be using the first number inside the first parentheses and disregard the other numbers. Is that correct?
I’m also unsure of the 6 after (K2tog,K7) it doesn’t say K so I don’t know what the 6 means. Can anyone help me understand? Thank you for any help you can give as this pattern is more difficult that I’ve used so far.

Welcome to the forum!
So exciting working your first cardigan. One of the best guides is to circle or highlight the numbers that apply to your size and disregard the other numbers. Then you can see what to do next and enjoy the knitting.
You’re correct. The numbers apply to different sizes. For the second size, the Decrease Row becomes:
DEC ROW (RS): K4, (K2tog,K7) 3 times, *K2tog,K8 ;rep from * 9 more times;
(K2tog,K7) 3 times, K2tog,K4.
17 stitches decreased
147 stitches remain.

The 6 after the (k2tog, k7) refers to the number of times to repeat the directions within the parentheses for the smallest size. Since you’re making the first size within the parentheses, repeat 3 times.

All good questions. You can do this, I’m sure.

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That is VERY helpful! I believe with all the sizes available I am a bit overwhelmed. I may try and write the pattern with my size only in order to make it clearer for my mind. Thank you for the help! This is going to push me out of my comfort zone of knitting blankets. Cheers!


Rewriting the pattern for the size you’re working is a common practice. I know I would. Post progress pics, would love to see how it turns out :smile:

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