ELLE magazine KNIT STUFF wow

I don’t usually bury my head in fashion magazines anymore but I happened to open Elle’s september issue and it’s FULL OF KNIT STUFF. I’m even going to buy it to try and reproduce some of these incredible knit handbags, so many and so much money. I’m sure I can make one or two!

Take a gander at the “fashion shoot” of these weird well, not all weird,
knit dresses, stockings hats. Some really pretty hats. Some great ideas.


Ummm the cashmere hat, Burberry is so soft and scrumptious looking.
And easy to knit I think. If one can afford cashmere that is! :pout:

hmm… knits must be “in” this season…

I was looking at Vogue Knitting the other day and they had a section in there with patterns by big name fashion designers - Michael Kors, for one… They had some GORGEOUS patterns in there, actually.

My question is - those $1,2500+ dresses that they show in Elle: are they handknit or are you spending that obscene amount of money on something machine made?? :??


Seems as though big knit hats are in this season, too…I’m seeing them everywhere!

Hey, Hedgehog. I’m thinking those pricey dresses have pretty fine guage so they might be machine knitted. But that last Ferragamo looks like it could be handknit. As we 've learned from Project Runway, haute couture requires lots of hand work - no mass produced stuff. I’m not sure whether any of the fashions shown are considered haute couture - but I sure wouldn’t consider a $1500.00 dress “off the rack”!!!

Yeah isn’t it? (a good “knit” issue. :slight_smile: ) … I love the hats on pages, 3 and 8. Knit stuff IS in this season. It sort of? goes along with the “layered” look that’s in. :wink: (p.s. those fingerless gloves if you’re so inclined are EASY! :slight_smile: )

Also. p.s. if you’d like any other “runway” inspiration here’s some. :wink: :
Go to this site (on Elle) click on “knits” (under runway ABCs) … and there’s some nice stuff. :wink: :slight_smile:


:rofl: Ha ha I’m going to make up that big creamy snowbally
D & G outfit on that last page! Thanks for that link, that’s super. I esp like the first purple poncho, not that I wear ponchos often.

Well, even if the $1200 dresses are handknitted, they’re probably handknitted in China… I bought this big knitting book recently on American knit designers (forget the name right now) (Knitting IN America?) and was surprised to read, this one designer lives in Vermont, farmhouse, animals, yadda yadda but then further along in the story turns out she flies to China couple times a month where her designs are
executed. executed? knit up Not that there’s anything wrong with that… although the book is called KNITTING IN AMERICA ha now that I think about it.

am I off on a tangent here? I defiinitely want to make some of those, more than one pair even though I already have one, fingerless gloves. I wore mine a lot last winter but they’re bulky yarn and now I want something sensuous and soft and silky.
Maybe this Lorna’s Laces yarn I have here lying on my desk although it says Sock yarn.

ok enough

I think Knitted stuff is IN this fall. I noticed that too, in catalogs, fashion magazines, some shop displays.

I think they are talking about 2 different things here. Knitting in America, is for everyone, business “executed” in China, is what she was doing.:wink:

I am underwhelmed, but then I’m usually underwhelmed by models in fashion magazines. :shrug:

As far as trends go, I like that knits are in, that makes my wardrobe a little easier. I also like the fingerless glove thing that’s in right now. I made “Fetching” for my sister and she is the envy of all her little friends. :smiley:

I am so excited about the fall trends. There are so many knit things that are in. I am already started on several. It has been a while since I wanted to make a bunch of stuff for ME! So I am going to do a few things from the Vogue Knitting and believe it or not, there was actually a pattern or two in the Lion Brand catalog that I received in the mail!

ha that’s funny, I saw something in Lion Brand for the first time that I love too (a shrug) oh yeah, and a felted BIRDHOUSE can you believe it.

Aylaanne… who is that pic of? You? Pretty gorgeous I must say.

Fingerless gloves are so great to wear, not too hot not too cold…

Looks like Keira in Pirates to me…

woah! hold up thar! Image 7 of 8, a long sweater, stretch pants (leggings) and leg warmers?! Isn’t that straight out of the early 90s??? Have we cycled through our fashions too fast or what?

  1. that look is early 80s, and was RECYCLED for the early 90s. :slight_smile:
  2. I want leggings to come back. I miss them!

IS that BAD???

Ha, $1,098 for those leggings! I didn’t think about what decade they’re from, I guess you’re right about the 80s. I’ve always wore leggings coz it’s COLD here in the winter but I can’t wear em like that… have to be UNDER something to cover the excess bumps.

I didn’t see that Johnny Pirate movie so I didn’t recognize her…

I also didn’t notice that last dress in the last image, that’s gorgeous.
I think I could make that, maybe. My dh just walked by though and said “you have to be skinny to wear a knit dress”. (I’m not fat but I’m not skinny…) (and if I want to wear a knit dress i’m going to)