Ellan Dayflower Hat errata

Been reading in here about finding errors in patterns since I joined a couple days ago, and want to go on record as NEVER having found one before. But here it is. Now I know, I find. :woohoo: So I’m knitting an Elann hat from their free patterns section online. So glad I followed the advice and read the pattern over before starting. Here’s the problem. I’m just pasting the three rows that don’t make sense in the pattern. If you want to read the entire to answer, it’s the Dayflower Hat.
Body of the hat:
R 32: k10, sk2p, k2, p1, k4, p1 COLOR=“Red”[/COLOR]
R 51: (yo, k2tog) 2X, k3, yo, k1, yo, sk2p,k1, k3tog, ssk, yo, p1, 2/2FC, p1 [COLOR=“Red”](21 sts)[/COLOR]
R 52-64: Repeat R 32-44 once more. [COLOR=“Red”](20 sts)[/COLOR]

See the stitch discrepancies? Somewhare I have to loose 2 stitches to properly repeat R 32 if I’m reading this correctly. If anyone else has made this hat and solved the problem, please let me know what gives? :knitting:

The 20 sts is what you’ll have at the end of [B]Row 44[/B]. If you look at row 31, it ends with 21 sts, as does R 51, which is what you need for R 32.

OMG, of course you are right,Suzeeq. Duh. And thanks. Was dreading having started something elsde and not being able to finish it for a while. It’s a good thing I have several sets of needles cause right now there are three projects waiting for solutions. Tx for redponding. :knitting:

It had me going for a few minutes as I tried to figure out the stitches, then realized…