Ella Shawl problems

I am working on the Ella Shawl from Knitty, and am having problems with the repeats…can someone please advise me what I might be doing wrong?

I am being very careful (at least I think I am) with each stitch but I am now finding myself not having enough stiches to complete another whole repeat before the end of the row. I count my stiches often to make sure I am not compounding the problem on an earlier mistake, and have even counted the stitches on the chart and they don’t seem to add up either…sheesh, what am I not understanding??? :wall:

This is my first lace adventure and while I am really enjoying the magic, my head hurts from trying to figure out what I am doing wrong and how to proceed.

it’s hard to say since i’m not sure where you are in the pattern.

but i guess the most obvious question (after looking through the pattern) is, are you increasing properly with the YOs?

It’s possible that you’re not supposed to be able to finish a complete repeat each row since the shawl is continually widening.

Well, I am mid way through section 2 so I don’t think my YO is the culprit.

Some patterns don’t repeat wholey till the end? (hmmm, I think my inexperience is showing!) Wouldn’t the directions indicate that? I would hate to assume that and continue merrily along only to find out I’ve been making some error all along.

What’s a girl to do?

Can anyone with experience with this pattern tell me if it’s me or the pattern?

Also, this is a very forgiving pattern. If you find you are short one stitch in a section, make one using a bar increase; likewise, if you have too many sts, work a k2tog or p2tog (yes, I do have an aversion to tinking)

Did you see this part? The chart looks even at a quick glance. Maybe using stitch markers can help.

Maybe you can write to the designer.