Elizabeth Zimmermann Three & One sweater and other EZ st

Has anyone made this sweater? I would like to try it, but the only info she gave was in one of her newsletters, and it’s very vague to me. Even the charts are confusing.

I’m a huge EZ fan, but could use a little help. Anyone?

In other news, I ordered the Knitters Workshop DVD. It is SOOOOOOO worth the $48 price tag, people. Highly recommended. I love every bit of it, even the corniness of EZ speaking to her daughter Meg off camera, and Meg prompting her occasionally. It’s great. And EZ herself is a riot.

For those who have ordered and used Schoolhouse Press wool (or at least, the wool they stock), how have you liked it? I’m about to begin a sweater with some Sheepswool and it feels yummy. (Softened well when I washed and blocked the swatch, too.)

EZ Forever!
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I’ve bought the 2-ply jumper weight wool from them. It’s not an ‘ooooh’ soft yarn, but the colors are absolutely the best, best, best. It knits up nicely and I’ve made three Fair Isles with it. It would be my yarn of choice for Fair Isles in spite of the ‘wooly’ feel.

I haven’t made the three-in-one sweater, but I do agree that the newsletters tend to assume that you’re a very experienced knitter.

You know, Ingrid, I really like the feel of the wool. It feels … how do I say … real. Know what I mean? I chose the Sheepswool 2 ply in Dark Grey, and it feels so homey and practical. I know that once I’m done with it (please God, let me just finish this one), my husband will be able to throw it on, wear it and not have to worry endlessly about ruining a delicate sweater.

I’m looking forward immensely to knitting the sweater (a simple raglan for him) in the Sheepswool, as well as the Quebecoise I ordered in a nice blue and cream. Simple, unadorned and practical. Very EZ! :slight_smile:

Anyone else like wool that has a little more scratchiness to it? I like Jo Sharps’ DK wool for the same reason. Great colors there, too!


:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: EZ’s Knitting Workshop is my next dvd!! I have her Knitting Glossary & love it…can’t wait for Knitting Workshop :smiley:

All this talk of wool made me go look at Schoolhouse Press. I feel a Fair Isle coming on. If I won the lottery, I’d buy some of every one of the 155 colors of the Jameison & Smith jumper weight and just decorate my house with it.


I just popped my Glossary dvd in again & came across EZ’s interview at the end that I hadn’t seen AND a section with all the books & tapes that they have…with pics & Meg Swansen chatting about each one…I want them all :shock: …but, I would have to win the lottery, too :wink:

Actually, it would cost $660 for one skein of each color.

I’m considering getting a color card of the shetland wool (and the other yarns, too). It’s hard for me to picture all the possibilities from a computer screen, especially to mix and match them.

How do you all coordinate the colors for Fair Isle designs?


That’s my biggest hang-up. I’ve used the colorways from the patterns I’ve done. I have lots of yarn, but I find it hard to make a committment to make my own design. There are all kinds of theories and articles on complementary colors and other terms that I’m too tired to think of now, but I haven’t really studied them.

A Fair Isle is such a committment of time, I’d hate to make one that I ended up not liking. I’m a chicken, basically. :wink:

I have Meg Swansen’s Knitting, and there are some GORGEOUS color combinations in there!

I just ordered 2 bags of Seashell and 1 bag each of Beetle, Oak and Tawny from Jo Sharps’ DK wool collection. Here’s the link:


I’m hoping to use these colors together for an EZ Three and One. Pray for me. :slight_smile:

I agree, it’s a massive committment of time. Here’s a way to consider what you would like in a Fair Isle. Look in your closet. Are there predominant colors? Colors that absolutely AREN’T there? Tones, hues, the whole deal?

I’ll probably copy a color combo first and second time around, too. I can hardly blame ya.