Elizabeth Zimmerman moccasin sock directions/pattern

She instructs you to slip your first stitches. I understand that. Then you go to the row by row instructions. No mention of slipping the stitch. Do I slip a stitch, then do whatever the direction says? Will I have enough stitches?

If EZ says to slip the first st, then slip the first st. You can always count your sts and the pattern direction sts to assure yourself that you have enough sts.

That slipped stitch is counted as the 1st st unless she states othewise.

Thank you for your help. The first stitch in the pattern row was a K1, so instead of knitting that stitch, I slipped it, and it worked! Yeah!! Can’t wait to see how they turn out. My first pair of socks!

You’re very welcome.
Be sure to post pictures when done in What You Knittin’.