Elizabeth Lavold Angora

Has anyone here tried this yarn? If so, what do you think of it? Someone blessed me with a Christmas present of a gift certificate at yarn.com and it’s on sale there for $3.99 a ball. I’d love to have something soft to make Knitscene’s Molly Ringwald over here:


Any feed back on your experience is much appreciated.

Sort of related: if you have wool sensitivity, would you notice the 20% wool content in this yarn?

Hi Phisch,

That’s a cute pattern!

I haven’t used the yarn in question…but I’m wondering if you plan to wear it as pictured (with some sort of shirt underneath)? Depending on the amount of sensitivity you have to wool, it’d probably be a good idea to plan on making something that would allow you to wear something underneath it…i.e. don’t make it too tight! if indeed you can’t wear it right next to your skin.

Good Luck!


I’m going to guess that I’ll wear it either way if possible. That’s why I was asking about the sensitivity. I can ignore the itch (I have some wool/acrylic shirts now) but I prefer not to have to.

Being new at the garment-making thing, I have no idea how to resize. I am a 32, the smallest is 34 but jumps to 37 as the next largest size. I think I’ll just go ahead and do the 34.

The yarn looks like it wants to split a lot which is why I thought I’d ask about it first. See: http://yarn.com/webs/0/0/0/0-1001-1294-1323/0/0/1181/

Hi Phisch,

The “fittedness” of the design/pattern suggests to me that swatching may be necessary to see if you’ll be knitting to the gauge in the pattern so that your FO will indeed fit you. Then, too, you could use smaller or larger needles to get a slightly smaller or larger size…but you won’t know if you should do that unless you first know whether your current yarn & needle size are giving you the gauge of the pattern.

Your yarn gives:
Gauge: 4 1/2sts. = 1" on #8 needles

Pattern calls for:
Classic Elite Classic Silk (50% cotton, 30% silk, 20% nylon; 135 yd (124 m)/ 50 g which gives a
Gauge of 5 sts/inch on #6 needles

hmmmmm…there’s a bit of a difference there… :??

I think I’d swatch in order to not be disappointed when I was finished.


P.S. It just occurred to me that a 60% angora 20% wool 10% nylon mix could be quite warm…which is probably why most of the [color=blue][size=6]designs[/size][/color] shown in the yarn are winter-type items.

Thanks for pointing that out! I thought that it was a DK weight. Yes, that is quite a bit of a difference so I’ll probably go with a different yarn. Or maybe just go ahead and get it and swatch. I’ve tended to knit tightly so it might work anyway? I’d prefer it to be a little larger and not too fitted. But those needle sizes are hugely different!

I’m really not too worried that it will be too warm. Although I live in So. Calif., I grew up where it rarely if ever got below 75F so I’m always cold.

Elsebeth Lavold ANGORA is fabulous, but better yet is her new Chunky AL, an angora blend…I like it even better! :heart: Knitting with it is a sensuous experience! :heart: Y’all know what I mean about the loveliness of a GREAT YARN! It is all about the feel of the yarn as it passes through your fingers! Also, love ROWAN’s Polar, another fabulous angora blend!

I think you mean Chunky Al is an ALPACA blend right…?

I have some skeins of Classic Al (the worsted weight version of Chunky Al) and I am just TOTALLY IN LOVE with it!!!

I wish she did some variegated shades with this Classic Al, then I would never ever ever knit with anything else!!!

Sorry to thread hijack. :pout:

Yes, sorry, I meant “alpaca blend”…sigh. :teehee: