Electronic Row Counters

Hi all - a while back there was a thread talking about the electronic row counters that keep track of multiple patterns. Several people were thinking of buying them - I’m just wondering if you did, and if you like them? Do you find them worth the money or do a couple of Kacha-Kacha’s work just as well for you? Just curious as I am thinking of buying one and figured I’d ask “first” this time lol…TIA

I bought the fancy row counter from Knit Picks and I really like it. I mainly got it for my GAAA squares because they have multiple charts used in one square. It lets you toggle between up to 3 different row counters.

My only complaint would be that it doesn’t have an off button but it’s been a few months and I haven’t had to change the battery yet. I would definitely recommend this one (or something similiar) if you’re thinking of purchasing one. I used to use a notebook and just keep hatch marks for each row - very confusing.

Thanks for the input suziehomemaker :thumbsup: I’ve tried the hatch marks - but keep losing/destroying the paper :roflhard:

The electronic row counters have been whispering my name for a while and I’m about ready to break so appreciate any responses/reviews…

I have one and like it. As Suzie did, I’m currently using it for the GAAA squares I’m working on. While I don’t mind it not having an off button (batteries are pretty cheap) I do find that the ‘increase’ and ‘decrease’ buttons are a bit more sensitive. With the katcha, it took a definite push to advance the count. With the electronic one, it takes a lot less force. It slid off my chair and hit the floor once and advanced the count. Luckily I noticed it immediately and didn’t make a mistake in my pattern. But it could easily have gone the opposite way.

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thanks scubasinger - defintely something to be aware of :thumbsup: I think I’m going to buy!

I would definitely agree! I wish they had a little hard plastic case to store it in so I wouldn’t be worried about the buttons. I thought about using the box that it came in but it’s just thin cardboard.

I try to put it in a good place in my knitting bag and I haven’t had it advance on me yet (at least not that I’ve noticed).

I guess that means that it doesn’t have anything that locks the count? Gee, that is one feature I really need as my knitting bag is always so stuffed and I would never feel confident it hadn’t advanced. Hmmmm…that may just put me off of it :??