Electronic row counter

I just received one of those mail order magazines and in it is an electronic row counter. The description says it can keep track of 3 different rows. The cost is $28.99 and it has the lanyard with it to hang around your neck. Right now I use pen and paper. What do you all think of this gadget? Any one else use or have one?

i think it could be useful. i use just one of those that you stick at the end of the needle, but an electric one could be useful.

I have seriously contemplated getting one of these. I have one of those red ones where you hit the little thing on top to change the numbers. Sometimes, if it falls or something hits it, the numbers change, and then I’ve lost my place. I suspect this would not happen with the electronic counter. Why don’t you get it and give a review here?! :wink:

I have one and I SO LOVE IT!!! Worth every penny!

sounds like it’s something i could sell my dh on buying me (he loves electronic gadgets)… right now though i just print out a copy of the pattern i’m working on and go through with a high lighter to keep track of where i am

I am going to order one and I will let you all know what I think. Thanks for you input.

I, too, am interested.

I sometimes have to keep track of multiple things at once. I’m currently working on a panel that has several different motifs going on. One is a 20-row repeat, two others are 8-row repeats. I just use a single counter so it’s like: Ok, row 27, that’s 27-20 so row 7 on that chart and it’s 8*3 = 24 so that’s row 3 on the other chart.

I try not to drink too much wine while I’m knitting that…

If it’s the one I’m thinking of, they have that one and a single row counter at KP. I bought the single row before the 3 row was avail and really like it.

LOL, I did the exact same thing! I later got the 3 counter and my single counter broke shortly thereafter, so it’s a good thing I got it when I did!

My advice to all of you is…GET IT, YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!

I have been looking at those too. I use thisas a counter. I also have the ones that slide on your needle.

Hmmm, THAT is a cool idea! Whodda thunk? :doh:So simple, yet so illusive! Thanks for sharing the tip! :thumbsup:

Hi’ya auburnchick! :waving:

I use the [COLOR=red][B]KATCHA-KATCHA[/B][/COLOR], too! Acutally have three of them!
I put a little mini-label on them and write what each is keeping track of (if using two at a time)

I know what you mean about it falling and changing the number. That is why I bought a new one(s). The more you use them, the more apt they are to roll the number over.

I use my KATCHA-KATCHA all the time! :heart: Just one usually though!

I have the single electronic one - which I love - but am contemplating getting the 3-count one because I seem to always have more than 1 project OTN at a time that needs counting.

Well, I am going to have to spring the dough for this electronic row counter! I will get the one that jodstr2 mentioned she wants to get next…the 3-count version.

Jodstr2: where can I get one of the 3-count versions??


ArtLady - I think they have them a lot of places. I just saw them at KnitPicks a few minutes ago…

Thanks Chris! :waving:

I just ordered one from Woolworks.com! Same price. ($28)

The shipping was more from woolworks…but KnitPicks adds sales tax in addition to shipping because we are in the same State!

So, all in all…I paid $1 more from Woolworks! I’m good.

KnitPicks is better to shop with, darn, I wish I had thought of visiting their website first! They give free shipping for orders over $45! I coulda added something to the cart to get free shipping! Doh! :doh:

Yes, ArtLady, but then you really would have spent more :roflhard: Those “free shipping over x” get me every time :roflhard::roflhard:

Glad you got it - it is on my wish list…next time I place an order from KP I may just get it :think: Let us know how you like it!

but :eyes: you have to remember :roflhard: to hit the button after each row…battery does last a very long time so that’s good…

Never heard of it! (Good idea though!) Thanks for telling us! I will order or buy one ASAP! BTW: What is it called or the name of the company that makes it? :slight_smile: :blooby:

Both websites that I saw call it “Electronic Row Counter Plus by Nancy’s Knit Knacks”. It was $28 on both website, same name, same price.