Election volunteers

Just thought I’d throw out a suggestion since we have knitters from all over the country. Since this looks to be such a high participation election year, please consider volunteering to work at a polling place this year. I started a few years ago and it is really quite fun and interesting. In my county, we are paid and while it is a very long day, I usually manage to get in some knitting time (and I’ve taught a few people to knit as well).

I work for the county where I live, and they are encouraging us to volunteer. I’m going to work the polls as a chief inspector (my mom does it where she lives).

I can’t wait. I think it’ll be an interesting experience.

That’s great! I’ve convinced one of my coworkers to try it also.

Also for any students out there, some of my best workers have been students and they usually get class credit for volunteering.

It is actually really important for them to start getting involved too. The election workers we have now are starting to age and we need more people getting involved in the process.