I am almost finished with this awesome pattern, but I am completly stuck at the very last step. I need to crochet the elastic for the waist. i know the basics of crocheting, so thats not the problem. my problem is that i really don’t understand some of the instructions. ok, here are the instructions:
Attach the yarn at the waist seam. With a safety pin, attach the end of the elastic to the instide of the waistband, a little to the right of where you attached the yarn, now your going to crochet around the waist encasing the elastic as you go, with the WS facing you hold the elastic pretty close to the top of the waist band.
Withe your crochet hook, pu a p loop a bit below the elastic then pu a st above the elastic in the top row ( elastic is behind hook). youve now got 2 st on the hook. pull a loop through both chain 1st d now keep going around the waist crocheting into every st and corresponding p loop rep the following: 1 pu a p loop below the elastic. 2 pu a st above the elastic 3 pull a loop through these 2 sts. (2 sts on hook) 4 pull a loop through both sts.

i understand the abbreviations. i’m having problem with the steps, i don’t think i’m putting it together like i need to in my head. its probably cause i want to finish this really bad! can someone explain to me these steps, the p loop i think is what has be all confussed. thanks to all that help me! i really do appreciate it! :hug:

I’ve tried a bit of this out. I’m picturing that you have made an item that is now in the round, like the waist for a soaker or pants or whatever. You have a piece of elastic you want to crochet over to make a elastic waist. I’m not sure what size the elastic is. I don’t know that it matters, but will be quite different if it is only like a round elastic that is about the size of some worsted yarn, or if it is a band elastic that is 1/2" wide.

I’m not exactly sure of all their instructions but here is what I think. (I’m thinking a small elastic, round or otherwise.) Pin it down so that you have a little extra sticking out past the spot where you want to begin, to the right, since you will work to the left. This will allow you to sew the elastic together when you get all the way around (or tie it or whatever works). I’m working with the wrong side facing me and the cast off edge away from me, the elastic running right to left just under the cast off edge. Attach the yarn to the crochet hook with a slip knot. When it says to PU a purl loop I just ran my crochet hook under one of the purl bumps under the elastic (nearer my body) then took the crochet hook over the elastic and I ran my hook thought the nearest chain-like edge of the cast off. Then I worked a slip stitch, not a single crochet (but you could), I thought it was flatter. So I went under a purl “bump”, went over the elastic and under the nearest part of the cast off chain and pulled up a loop of my yarn, pulling it though both of the picked up loops and on thought the loop on my hook, resulting in one loop on the hook again.

You know how when you look at the back of St st that the little bumps kind of interlock, some going in a row rather like "u"s uuuuuuuu and a row above them more like "n"s nnnnnn. When you pick up the purl bump (or loop) below the elastic each time, run your hook under either always a “u” and then the “u” right next to it, if you began with a “u” like bump. If you began with a “n” pick up under an “n” all the way around, and the one right next to it, that way you will be staying in a straight line.

So I would just work like that slip stitching over the elastic all the way around. Fasten the ends of the elastic together making the elastic as tight as you want it to be. Finish off my crocheting and work in the tails.

It sounds like they did a single crochet the same way, but IMO the slip stitch is flatter and hence would make a more comfortable waistline.

its a 1/2 in elastic. i was on my way to work before i posted, lol left out a couple of things that was needed for help. another question though, when i slip st through the k st. is the co edge supposed to curl around the elastic? or am i pulling too tight? i’m actually making bikini bottoms. i’m going to try what you have written. and hopefully i’ll get it right this time. i’ve been trying for the past 3 days! thanks so much for your help! its greatly appreciated.

I just tried it over a piece of index card cut to 1/2" width. It still works well. Don’t pull on the slip stitches. They should just look like a big vee going over the elastic for each slip stitch, and the vee will be just a tad shorter than 1/2 inch. If you catch the near side of the bind off chain it will leave a line sort of like an embroidered outline stitch right along the top in the front. I think that looks nice, but if your catch the farthest part of the chain of the bind off it will look different.

I’m working on some pictures for you but they are not ready yet.

Starting at the right of the photo is where I was trying to do the crochet with the single crochet over a round elastic. Then as you move to the left I started doing slip stitch crochet over the round elastic. Then you can see where I have done it over the index card cut to 1/2". At first I did it going into the nearest part of the bind off chain. The last 3 or so are done in the part of the bind off chain most distant from my body. Mine looks pretty good, but I think it could be even a little looser. Don’t let it cinch down at all, keep the vees stretched smooth.

This shows the right side. Starting at the left is the single crochet over the small elastic, then the slip stitch, then the slip stitch over the 1/2" in the nearest loop of the bind off chain edge, the last 3 are in the farther loop of the bind off chain edge. I used contrasting yarn, but you can see that with self yarn if would look pretty good. It actually looks smoother over the wider “elastic”.

I hope this helps some.