Elastic Yarn

I am interested in knitting a shell with a little bit more fit - not so square, if u know what I mean-
I have been reading about the yarn with elastic - or lycra in them- has any one used them for something other than socks??
cascade- Fixation or
Classic Elite - star
Great to hear from y’all

I had a similar thread before.

I’m using Classic Elite Star for a bikini right now, and it was quite difficult to get my gauge right. It was super hard to let it relax and not stretch it while knitting. I had to frog a few times, but with that came a little bit of fuzzing of the yarn, so be careful! But I finally got the hang of it and now my gauge is fine, just practice practice practice!

I went to my local knitting store last week and spoke to the owner about what yarn I should use to make my first ever pair of socks. She recommended Cascades Fixation, said that it was a VERY forgiving yarn, and said to slightly stretch it when knitting with it. She showed me what she meant, and I’d call it almost halfway stretched. Her socks looked great. There is a link to several patterns on the Cascades Fixaton web page (http://www.cascadeyarn.com/cascade-fixation.asp).

I just started my socks, so I am just passing along information.

Looks to me that the Elann.com Esprit is the same yarn.