Elastic like bindoff

I am relatively a beginner

I have made 12 or 15 caps starting from a circular 16" and ending with dpns, but (I have done several backwords &) I prefer starting with dpns at the top because of the lacy pattern of added holes on the top; but when I move to circulars and finish - the bindoff (at the bottom of the cap) is too tight and non-elastic. SO I am looking for a BO or something that has as much elasticity as the knitted row before it and closes the final row.

OR! Is there a way to decrease that looks like YO increases? How do I get the holes on top pattern created like yarn overs? That might work.

Any suggestions readily accepted.

Thank You all in advance

I use a “suspended bind off” (Check out Amy’s video of it). And I find it easier for me to make it a looser. Just give the needle a pull in between each stitch so that it gets a Bit more yarn to make it not so tight.

Also, you might check out the knitBO / purl BO that might continue the elastic thing you’ve got going on with your ribbing.

Welcome ChuckG!

You could use one of the “Yarn Over Decreases” on the decrease page, to create those holes near the top. It’s not as perfectly neat as using YO for an increase, but it would work.

If you do it the other way, from the top down, you’ll need to bind-off VERY loosely. For a decorative edge, with holes along it, I know I’ve seen a bind-off where you do yo, BO (basically making a single chain stitch), BO2 repeat. If you want to check out other ways of doing a good, loose bind-off, try doing a google search for (“toe-up socks” bind-off). Socks that are knit from the toe-up require a loose bind-off like that, and there are several methods out there.

Good luck!

I usually go up 2 sizes in needles for the cast off row, I find this helps.

You’ll probably need to do something beyond going up in needle size. In a project I just designed, I did the knitting on size 3 needles, and the BO with size 9 needles! And it was STILL firm, and barely had any give! Bind-off’s just really want to stay firm, and not flex at all. You’ll need to increase, somehow, as you bind-off, I would think. I once came across a few methods that looked good, while looking at toe-up sock patterns. If I can find this one link, that listed three methods, I’ll give it to you…


Found it!

According to this person, you can try using a larger needle, 3-4 sizes larger, for the BO. But they also recommend three other methods (listed at the top of the page) here. The method I was referring to, that I’ve tried and liked, was #2.

Hope one of these works for you! Or the YO Decrease!