Elann.com ..never receive anything ,

I order their stuff on 18 March and i paid for priority shipping and till today nothing at all from them …gossh maybe it a sign that i should stop buying !

what is wrong ? do u think it lost in the mail ? priority mail should be 3 days right ??? :??

did you call them? usually they are fairly quick i think but they are coming from Canada i think. if so it can take some time to get into the country.

You could call them or check online to see when your order was shipped.

They are a Canadian company but orders less than $200 are shipped from WA state.
I’ve always had my order shipped in 1-3 days and gotten it in 2-7 days depending on whether I chose USPS Priority or First Class.

I called them and they said that it depend on the post office… it had been shipped since 18 March… i paid for priority … it should be here by now right… they shipped from washington… i called the lady and she said by monday i din get it she will either refund me or reshipped another order for me… i do not want a refund…i want the yarn… cos’ i plan to make a sweater for my mommy dearest … :verysad:

Sorry about your package. Elann is always very fast for me. Do they have a tracking number you could check?

they said that they are checking and i should call them back on monday if i still got nothing … i guess i will wait and not paid my credit card then

i would definitely make them reimburse the extra you paid for shipping though.