El Cheapo Swift Instructable

I found thisduring my latest bought with insomnia! I would add point protectors (or more duct tape) to the ends for saftey and snag-proofing.


That’s pretty cool. I agree about something on the ends of the hangers!

And here’s one made with Tinkertoys that looks as though it would work very well. Plus a yarn winder made with K’nex.


And one with Lego:

There’s another one on the internets that I can’t find but it’s clever: four plastic hangers (no sharp ends) and some twist-ties. It folds down for portability.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hilde…I just checked that website…it’s a great site!! I got a swift and ball winder for Christmas last year, but I could’ve made my own a lot cheaper. I [U]love[/U] that website, though. There was some really neat stuff on there. [/FONT]

Oh my, I’m going to raid my son’s lego stash.

wow arnt people ingenious:yay:

Great thread! Thanks so much for all the ideas, and the links to some pretty cool blogs!

I’ve thought of making the duct-tape swift… but I’m wondering, is a swift helpful when you have skeins instead of hanks?

It works for any yarn format that needs to be made up into a ball so you can knit conveniently without a million tangles. That includes hanks and some (not all) skeins. Some people even re-wind yarn that comes in ball form to be sure there are no knots or bad portions, and to “relax” the yarn. In short, some sort of swift and a ball winder or nostepinne are essential tools if you’re going to do any amount of knitting.