Hi again fellow knitters,

I have been alittle busy lately and not avaliable to chat with you, but I was wondering if anyone has ordered knitting needles, in particular circular needles from eKnittingNeedles.com. If so, what is the quality of the needles and would you recommend this seller of discounted needles.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Have a happy knitting day!

I haven’t tried these needles, but noticed the brand name “Stitchberry” in the pics on the eknittingneedles website. These needles are sold at Amazon at what looks like a better price, and there are some positive reviews there. On Ravelry, there were a few comments about these needles – apparently on the circs, the cable is “sticky” but can be improved with talcum powder. One person said she loved her needles and they’d be a good starter set, someone said they’re great for swatching, and someone else said they were terrible (but that’s true for everything you could ever ask about – some people will love it, some will hate it.) I’d say if you like bamboo needles it’s worth giving them a try.

I thihk the circs are horrendous. That plastic tubing is terrible, very sticky for the stitches, and it tends to pull off of the tips under any duress.

I appreciate your comments on this seller of discounted knitting needles…I actually decided to pass on buying my circular needles from them right now and just went to my local yarn shop and purchased an Addi Turbo! I justified the cost by deeming it an investment.
Thanks again,

I’m so glad I posted the question about purchasing needles from eKnittingNeedles. Although I’m sure most of the needles are good quality I appreciate the first hand experience that my fellow knitters have with some of them. As I mentioned in the previous thread, I decided to go with an Addi. The project I am knitting is very special and time consumming and I don’t want to be frustrated along the way! I knew I could count on such great knitters to give excellent advice! Thanks again!

I’ve been very happy with my knitpicks.com interchangable nickle plated circs-I’ve found them to be [B][I]very[/I][/B] comprobable to my Addi Turbos, and they are soooo much less expensive.

You can’t go wrong with Addi’s. They are some of the best needles out there.

I haven’t tried eknittingneedles.com but I did come across bambooknittingneedle.com and they’re pretty good. I got a 13 piece set for only $17 :slight_smile:

I’m very happy with my Knitpicks Harmony Wood interchangeable needle set. Some of these name brands, like Knitpicks and Addy, seem expensive, but you get what you pay for. The quality is amazing and well worth the time and frustration saved. Plus, with both your LYS and Knitpicks, they give great customer service. Will some of these discount places treat you right if you have problems with your needles? I doubt it.