Either I Can't Count/Read, or This Pattern Has A Typo

I’ve managed to get my knitting to match the pattern all the way up to step 15. In step 15, the M1, knit 5, M1, knit 1 creates 10 stitches. The row previous created 84 stitches. Step 15 says I should end up with 112 stitches but, alas, I end up with 112 + 4 leftover stitches when using that repeat. If I were to take the second M1 out of that repeat, I would get the required number of stitches because 8 x 14 = 112. This would not give me the required number of stitches for the next row though. I also am not sure if I should be removing the FIRST or SECOND M1 in step 15.

Anyway, the pattern is http://muro73.googlepages.com/SPIDERMANnew.pdf and if anyone could help me I would REALLY appreciate it. I’ve tried to do this pattern at LEAST 10 times now, thinking that I could get it right each time, only to end up at this exact failure point.


I think … m1,k5,m1,k1 = 8 stitches and 8x14 = 112
Your m1 is the one stitch that you made, not 2 stitches …

Sometimes I have to put a stitch marker between even the simplest repeat in order to “see” what I am really doing.
I LOVE the pattern, be sure to post a picture of your progress!!!

I’m not getting something right here. Isn’t an M1 an increase? OOOOOOOOH, nevermind. I kept reading that M1 was an increase, and unless otherwise specified you could use whatever type of increase you liked most, so I was using KFB for the M1s. That’s exactly why I had it messed up. I wish I had access to a knitting class.

Thank you SO much.

Yea you for figuring it out!!! I watched a LOT of Amy’s videos when I started using patterns, and still have to go back and follow her step by step on some things! And, there are many WOW knitters on this site that will have all the answers you need.

Cute pattern! Would love to see pix of your progress and the FO!

Just wanted to post in-progress pics that I have so far.


Looking good!!!