Einstein Coat

Oh my gosh, I’m in love again!! I just received my book “The Knit Stitch” by Sally Melville and I can’t stop gushing over this coat! It looks fairly easy to do and actually I have already started. Got some yarn at Walmart it’s Moda Dea “Tweedle Dee”. something like 80% acrylic and 16% wool and other fibers. It’s really pretty nice with little flecks of different colors and it’s “shaded” going from a light plum to a dark plum. Very lightweight. Anyhow, has anybody done the Einstein? While googling, I found that there was a KAL here some time ago. Any hints or stuff to watch out for? It just seems so simple {dangerous words!}but I’m so excited. It doesn’t even look like you have to count rows for the skirt part of it, except for the garter ridges! So, anything to watch out for?

Nah - I haven’t done the coat. But don’t forget to post pics & progress in the What’cha Knitting room if you can! We wanna see ; we wanna see!! :thumbsup:

I have all of Sally’s books. I met her at a workshop that my LYs hosted. (I got my books signed!:happydance:) I have the Einstein coat on my to make list. I love her books because her patterns are in my size. I’m finding that many designers are still leaving out the plus size woman.

I’ve made two infant size coats, as well as a toddler size one. They went very well and were quite easy…my favorite part is only two small seams that need to be completed! :woohoo:It just makes the inside of the coat looks so finished and nice and professional to see those picked up stitches instead of my crummy bulky seams (I’m not good at seaming!); kind of like what serging/overlock does for sewed projects. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any particular problems I had with the coats. Your yarn sounds very pretty–please post a pic if you can when you’re done!

I’m going to be making #4 coat soon for my little daughter out of Bernat’s Chunkee yarn, with some metallic eyelash fur on the cuffs and some metallic laceweight yarn to trim around the rest of the coat. She is going to look like a diva when it’s done! I can’t wait to start on it to see how it will work out.