Einstein Coat KAL

Hello everyone!! A few of us expressed interest in making the Einstein coat from Sally Melville’s book, The Knitting Experience Book 1:The Knit Stitch.

If you want to take a look at it, here’s a great link with picture and hints…

Come join us!! :cheering:

:cheering: Yay Andrea!!! Thanks for starting this.

I ordered my yarn last night about midnight from Joann’s. It should be here in about a week. I can’t wait to get started! Have you done any measurements to see what size to use?

I ended up w/ 10 balls of Patons Shetland Chunky … I wanted 11, but they only had 10 left in the color I wanted – Deep Taupe. That’s about 1400 yards – I would think that would be enough.

I ordered 14 balls of the Lopi…each ball has 110 yards…should be enough for whatever size I end up doing. I’m probably going to do either a large or XL. I’m not sure how to measure :oops: is it around your waist for the “A” measurement? Plus a few inches for an oversize fit? Any extras I can always use for felted bags :smiley:

I think – for me – I’m going to measure the widest part of my body for A … hips? :oops:

I just measured – 43" at the hips in jeans. I’m thinking that a size M would be plenty big. It’s 50" @ measurement A … that would leave 3.5" on either side. I think that would be loose enough. Plus, Size M uses 1200 yds. So I’ll have 200 yds left. I’m sure I’ll find something to do with that!

Oh boy, thanks a lot, you guys! Not that I haven’t got a half a dozen projects in the works, plus the year of the sweater project. I simply couldn’t resist the prices at Smiley’s and ordered both Lopi and the Shetland Chunky for Einstein coats. I am going to be so busted when the yarn starts spilling out of the closet into the guestroom…

OTOH, DH just bought a motorcycle, so I think that seriously overshadows my yarn budget :roflhard: .

After seeing this coat everywhere, I realized a) i need to make one (or two…) b) that I already have the book!!! yay!!! :cheering: :cheering:
i can’t start this coat for quite a while, but I look forward to watching all of your progress!!

:roflhard: Good for you!!! I’m glad you’re playing!

Excellent! What kind of bike? My DH and I also ride!

Excellent! What kind of bike? My DH and I also ride!

He already has a Dukati Monster, the new bike is a KTM enduro bike. It’s street legal (barely) and well suited for cross country riding. I do my own cross-country riding on a quad :thumbsup: .

wonderwool from elann. I saw this and though of this KAL.

Wow, Ingrid! That is an awesome price on that yarn, and the COLORS!! I wonder if I can send my yarn BACK to Joann’s. :wink: (Just kidding … perhaps I’ll get the wonderwool for something else, though.)

hmhmhm, I have NEVER done a knit along! But I want to make this coat.
I’m going to the yarn stores (can ya imagine ANOTHER one opened in my neighborhood TWO blocks away) and peruse the various offerings.

I want to use Manos but I know that’s a lot of bucks.
1200 yards huh? Ohhhhhhhhh it’s so beautiful this project.

I got my yarn today :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: It’s a little darker than expected, but I think it’ll grow on me!


Andrea, that’s so exciting, I just got all teared up.

OK … not really … but I am jealous that you got your yarn before I did. I’m hoping mine arrives by the end of the week. Of course, chances are I will likely get NOTHING done after it arrives because I won’t be able to stand not casting on my very own EINSTEIN COAT! I’ve already been trying to figure out if I have enough yarn in my stash to make one of the sweaters in the book. :oops: It’s just so embarrassing how impetuous I can be when it comes to knitting.

OK … speaking of that … I just printed out instructions on how to knit two socks at once. I need to go …

I gotta say, I am really excited to start this! My DH leaves at 9:30 AM tomorrow and is gone overnight, so I plan on :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: all day (esp. b/c I don’t go back to work until Monday night!!!) :cheering: :cheering:

That’s really a pretty color Andrea, I think it’ll be a GORGEOUS coat!


That color looks like chocolate. mmmmm… :drooling:

:mad: Grrrrr

I just checked Joann.com for the status of my yarn order for this. It’s been 5 days since I placed my order, and it still says “Being Processed.”

I wonder if it’s too late to cancel the order and place an order for the Lopi instead. :mad: :mad: double grrrrr

I was actually thinking I might use this project as my Olympic event.

Oooooh, my Smiley’s order should be here Tuesday :heart: . Just enough time to finish up my Abigail, I think! Good incentive, too :lol: . Going to start with the Lopi.

That stinks, Julie! And it also seems unacceptable for them to still be “processing” the order! It’s a work week!!! Who’s working over at Joann.com? :mad:

Silveridger, what color did you get?

Oh Julie, you need to contact those people personally! The site may have the wrong info; I’ve had that happen before.

Okay, I’ve ordered my yarn!! I went with the Wonderwool in Braun. (It won’t show cat hair as much. :rollseyes: ) But I’m sooooo excited–I want to start now! :happydance: