Egg cozies...we talked about this quite a while ago

I finally found a free online pattern for the egg cozy HERE.

whar r they 4?

To put around an egg. I know…silly…but they are kind of cute. I think we were talking about this on here around easter.

oo. i don’t do the Easter Egg thing. the in laws do and now they have my kids doing it. being Christian we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ which has nothing to do with the easter bunny or eggs. we don’t even call it easter Sunday we call it Ressurection Sunday. but they are Catholic and believe in all that stuff.

i did see somewhere an egg cozy for eggs that sit on that little cup thinry for hard boiled eggs and they were shaped like chickens. i don’t know if i saw that in a book or on the net… i’ll have to google!

The page I referenced does have a cute little yellow chick that could be used as a hard boiled egg cozy…no one has to know its “for” Easter! We shoudn’t be egg descriminatory, right :slight_smile:

In Melanie Falick’s book Weekend Knitting there is a pattern for egg cozies and they look like little tiny sweaters!

i’m not discriminatin’ i used to do the egg thing when iwasyoung. my kids aren’t missin much!

I agree…I can forego the whole dyeing thing and just get to the eating part! :wink: I do think it would be fun to see one of those cozies though!

get ta knitting!!! donate them to a church or something!