Egg Cosy?

I always see egg cosies on Ravelry. What is the purpose of making a tiny sweater for an egg? I wanted to know if it’s just for fun or had an actual purpose.

I think they are supposed to keep a soft cooked egg warm? I don’t see the point of them or the little holders frankly.

There are cozies for a lot of things I would never consider using including cell phone and iPod. I have used one on a can of soda, but rarely.

They are far more common in Europe where soft boiled eggs are more popular. You’ll find lots of decorative egg cups there too.

Egg cozies and cups are not only meant to keep the egg warm, without allowing it to overcook, but to make the presentation more aesthetically pleasing. The cup also serves the purpose of keeping the egg from rolling around on the tray/plate, and it allows you to not eat your breakfast with your fingers.

Thanks for a good explanation. That makes more sense.

No problem. I’m a major historical culture buff. If it’s a pre-world war 2 custom, I probably have studied the ins and outs why it is/was… If there’s anything else I can help you with, let me know.

My Granny had little sombreros she knitted (crocheted) for her Tabasco bottles. People will dress up the darnedest things.

lol I love my Tobasco, but not enough to dress it up! That’s cute though.