I swore I wouldn’t start up a stash and yet, the drawer I set aside for yarn…is somehow full. :shock: How’d that happen? I don’t remember purchasing this stuff you call yarn?. Really.

Yes - I know … it seems we never remember. :wink: But no worries - some addictions are ok, right? :lol:

It’s not your fault. Yarn left unsupervised in a drawer has a way of multiplying. :lol:

Thats right :thinking: …its all that yarn porn we see around the internet that gets them going I think :??

:rofling: :rofling:

:roflhard: :rofling: so true, so true :rofling: :roflhard:


Welcome to my world! I swear, I turned my back and the litttle beggars quadrupled!!!

yarn is like bunnies… you buy 2 and before you know it you have so much hopping around dh is starting to take notice… :lol:

I have only gone on big shopping twice, those were both for specific projects
now as I pack up my house and home I bought a Bin to put all my Yarn in
so its all packed
then I find some more, so I get a new box to put this little bit in, but the Box is not big enough, so I tranfer it into a Bigger one
now I find I have a whole nother Bin fill to go
thats 3 Boxes of Yarn (2 Bins one Box)

This is a little scarey