Effiel sweater by knitty

I have been working on this for about the past month .

Not that the pattern is boring , I have too many OTN projects .

Determined to get this done in time for cool spring days .
Anyone else working on this or want to with me ?

I am using this yarn I bought off of ebay .

It’s Hempathy / designer’s choice yarn .

Seems to be working up fairly nice so far .

Here is a link to the pattern http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter06/PATTeiffel.html

I have been eyeballing this for months. Or whenever it came out. :teehee: But I have too many things OTN!!!

I have too many OTN too :teehee:

Whats one more :lol:

Oooooh, you’re a bad influence. I like you! :teehee:

I have been thinking of doing Tubey too. I live in the desert! Why do I keep knitting myself sweaters???

Heh, it can get cold in them So Cal deserts, Carmen. You could use cotton or linen instead of wool, though.


Carmen - I think I might do Tubey too :teehee:
Only I would make it a solid color , I don’t look good in stripes .

It can get cold in the desert at night or so I have been told .

I live in PA and haven’t worn any sweaters till a few weeks back .
Wasn’t cold enough .
This weather has been a strange one so far .

Worked on the Effiel sweater most of the day yesterday , not much farther along , who knew how long 11 inches could be . lol
Once I get the chance , I’ll post pictures of how far I am .
Hopefully later on today .

Here is how far I have gotten so far .

Looks great so far, Guin!!
I’ve been drooling over Eiffel for a while now, but I think I want to work on a few sweaters for the kids first - to learn what I’m doing.

By the way, where in Delco are you from? I grew up in Boothwyn (graduated from Chi), my parents still live there.

Thank you .

I am in ridley township .

That looks hard! Nice work. I love that sweater, it’s so elegant yet sexy. Is Hempethy ? Hempathy hemp yarn? It looks lace weight in your picture.

It’s a simple pattern .
It’s hempathy . Got it on ebay .
Feels like fingering wieght yarn when worked with . Lace wieght ? Isn’t that reallllly thin and light ? :shrug:

I haven’t been working on it :oops:
I have finished “tubey” from knitty.com and am allmost finished this summer top . lol
It’s not that I lost interest in it …I really want to finish it .
I get side tracked too easily :teehee:

I have finaly opened a store on etsy and am waiting for the body form I have got , to display some summer tops I made . There is a halter top on there but I can’t help but feel like it is my bewbs being checked out and not the top itself . :grrr:

Allso started a blog, or I should say figured it out …lol
It’s more a website than anything , it is easy to set up and I just like it . Still adding to it , My mind goes blank whenever I go on there to blog. :teehee:

My project is at a stand still .
I wont be able to pick this back up till after we move .

That’s gorgeous! I’m not ready for a sweater yet or anything similar, but I can admire yours, right?! :wink:

Sure . Hopefully I can get working on it real soon .
Hubby and I are going to be selling our home and moving , so my time has been consumed with painting and fixing up the house. I have been getting so fustrated , all I feel like doing is sitting and knitting but I can’t , we have to get this house ready . :wall:

When all is done , I swear , I think I will knit for 24 hours straight …lol

Still waiting for a buyer for our home.
So I started the sleeve , finally :cheering:

Hey all, I just started the Eiffel Top. It’s my first time doing lacework and so far I haven’t had any real problems (Apart from my circulars breaking.) Still, it’s always good to have some more experianced people on standby for when you’re up the creek without a paddle and have just noticed that there is a waterfall round the next bend.
And maybe some other people might want to start this pattern as well.