Efficient knitting

In an effort to improve my knitting, I am trying to learn the continental style and improve upon my english style knitting. Eventually, I hope to try combined knittting. A general question for seasoned veterans, do you have any tips for being ergonomically sound when knitting? In otherwords, how to make your knitting efficient with respect to body position, finger position, minimizing wrist movements, etc…
Thanks in advance.

I think everyone just finds their own rhythm and method of holding the yarn and knitting that works for them. It takes time and practice to develop it.

Some tips from the “world’s fastest knitter.” Not that you need to try to emulate her speed (or would even want to), but the narration has some good hints on knitting efficiently and ergonomically.

I find combined knitting the most comfortable and efficient for long stretches of plain knitting, but Jan is right: your mileage may vary and you will find your own best way of doing things.