Effervescent scarf

[B]Yarn:[/B] Knit Picks Shine Sport
[B]Colour:[/B] Grass --Green :smiley:
[B]Pattern:[/B] #175 Bubble Cable in Vogue Stitchionary Vol 2 : Cables

I love this pattern. I didn’t so much memorize it, as I memorized the stitches. I didn’t need to refer to the pattern after the first 2 repeats. Made it much easier to grab and go, especially when knitting at the laundromat. I also didn’t use a cable needle, which also made it perfect for grab n go knitting.

I am in love with the colour and the fabric. It is incredibly soft, and the cables made it very thick. I am allergic to wools and any winter fibers, so I am stuck with summery yarns for my winter wear. So at least it’s nice and thick. :smiley:

It has been washed, but still needs to be blocked to ward off the slight curl it has.

Great job! It looks so intricate - nice to know it was a grab-and-go project.

Thank you. :smiley:

I thought it would be more difficult because it does look fairly intricate, but I am happy it wasn’t. I think cables have a habit of looking more difficult then they actually are tho.

Ooooooooh Stunning . I love the colour :slight_smile:

Very pretty scarf! I love that color!

Looks wonderful. Great job.

Pretty:inlove: Squishy and green - my favorite!

:happydance: very pretty!

that is gorgeous!


WOW i love the intricate cabling. It is so gorgeous!!

Very pretty, especially the color! :slight_smile:

Love the color of your scarf. Aren’t cables wonderful? They look so hard, but aren’t really. Got to love that. Very nice work!

Now that’s a[SIZE=7]WOW! [/SIZE]

Wonderful color, wonderful pattern, wonderfully knit!

GORGEOUS!! Love the color and that pattern is stunning!

thats gorgeous. I love cabled scarves like that. I’m glad you have created a nice snuggly allergy free scarf for the winter.


Very pretty! :inlove:


Great Job! I love the color and the stitch as well!:heart:

Oh my…that is just GORGEOUS!!!