:) eep finished my first ever jumper for my baby girl :)

Proud to say i have finally accomplished the jumper i was making for my girl :woot: :yay:
Super proud. and it fits :slight_smile:
Thank you to those who helped me out along the way .Would never have got there otherwise, Hope yous like …

oops still have to put buttons on the back thats why it looks a bit funny

Oh, she really is a star! That turned out beautifully and you certainly should be proud. Very professional.

You did a super job and she looks adorable in it. I do imagine it would be a bit more comfortable to wear this fall or winter though! :rofl:

Great job! And congrats on your first completed jumper. It looks so cute on your daughter–or rather, she looks so cute in it!

Wonderful work! Your little Star looks so pretty in pink! Happy!

Thanks for sharing her, and her new sweater, with us!

It looks great! And she looks like a little star in it! :thumbsup:

Oh, what a great job. Your little girl looks absolutely darling in the jumper too. She would light up a room.

OH i should have mentioned i live in New Zealand so it is winter here now , and very chilly so its perfect for the cold days .


oh so sweet!

Congratulations! You did a really nice job, and your wee one is precious in it!