EEKS! New Knitter Help

Hello Knitters,

I have just begun knitting again. I got a pattern book for dishcloths which I thought would be easy to start with. OOPS! Already I have come up on something I can’t figure out how to do.

The pattern calls for this stitch:
sl 2 wyib

I understand that a “sl” is just slipping the stitch from one needle onto the next. But does this mean that I pull the yarn to the back and then slip the stitch onto the next needle or is there some additional move that I need to make?

The actual pattern calls for a K1 first and then the sl 2 wyib and then K4.

I want to make sure I am going to do the correct thing.

Any help is most certainly appreciated.

God bless and happy knitting. :stuck_out_tongue:


It just means to slip those two stitches with the yarn in back as if to knit. There will be a loose thread/float sort of thing behind those two stitches. It’s probably part of the design. :thumbsup: