Eek! *cries*

[FONT=“Georgia”][B][I][COLOR=“Navy”]Hey All,
My wooden Brittany knitting needles (4.0mm) have a crack in one of them. I have patched it up using sellotape! Eek!:waah: :verysad:

Do I rebuy the ones that have broken, or fork out for 4.0mm cables? I am such a newbie to knitting!
Help please!

Don’t Brittany guarantee their needles against breakage in normal use? I would contact whoever you bought them from to see if they will replace them.

How long have you been using this needle? Did you do anything to crack it or is this a defect? If it was I think I’d contact the folks where I bought it and see if they would do anything about it. Since you say you are a newbie I’m thinking the needle is pretty new.

[FONT=“Georgia”][B][I][COLOR=“Navy”]Hey All,
Yeah I have had this for about two weeks-ish. The annoying thing is, that the case is at a different house. So I cant return it! Grrr! I dont think I did anything other than just knit with it.

Try it anyway, the case is not the issue, maybe they can still help you. The squeaking wheel gets the oil.

If the yarn store can’t do anything, I’d definitely contact Brittany.
Definitely contact them - it looks like they are pretty easy to deal with.

hi phoenixmoon–brittany guarantees their needles and don’t think you have to return the damaged one–just let them know the size–but check for sure on their website. linknit41

Absolutely contact Brittney. I broke sz1 dpn, e-mailed them and they sent 3 for the replacement. They were very quick in replacing them.