EEK. alien pattern instructions

I’m knitting “simple” baby booties. I’m fine up to a point. Here are the instructions I cannot get past. Please help!
k2tog, k5, sl1, k1, psso (ok so far); next:
sl1,yf (same as yarn over?), turn
I turn my work
and the next row is
I’ve tried three times and cannot do the stitches after the
YF, turn
I’ve done YO with many patterns, but it’s always on the same row, no turning.

In this case, the yf just means to move the yarn to the front, then turn. Then you do a k2tog and the yarn is still where it needs to be for it and you k5 sts. It’s not a yo.

Can you post a link to the pattern?

this is the link.

Thank you. It’s nice to have knitting friends.

It may be using yo short rows, but I’m not sure. What happens when you just simply leave the yarn in front, then turn? That leaves it in back which is where you need it for the k2tog on the next row. In garter stitch short rows you usually don’t wrap and turn or yo, the slip stitch will take the place of that.

When I bring the forward and turn my needle, the yarn is in the front and the next stitches are knits. I cannot knit a KNIT with my yarn in the front. That’s for purls. Do you understand what I mean. The YF puts my yarn in the front when I turn my needle. Turn means exactly that, right? I’m reversing the row. This is so frustrating. I’ve knitted a blanket and a cap, I’d like to send a set of booties. grrrrr.

Bring the yarn forward [I]before[/I] you turn and leave it there, it’ll be in back then. Turning is just like when you’re at the end of a row.

"Do you understand what I mean. The YF puts my yarn in the front when I turn my needle."
That’s the misunderstanding. The yf puts the yarn to the front but when you turn, the yarn is now at the [I]back[/I].

These directions are just to help you get the yarn in place to make the k2tog. In order to see why the directions tell you to bring the yarn forward [I]before[/I] the turn (row 18 and following), try leaving the yarn at the back, slip the stitch and turn. Now the yarn is dangling at the front, one st to the left of the slipped st (the stitch at the tip of the needle). The directions might have let you do that and then told you to bring the yarn around the slip st and to the back to do the k2tog but instead chose to have you move the yarn into position before the turn. Either way, the yf isn’t a yo, just a means to postion the yarn. If the directions hadn’t said anything you still would have moved the yarn into the usual postion to do the k2tog.