Eeep, too much money

Argh, I just spent money… eep… I think my brain farted and I spent £40 on back issues of Interweave from a lovely lady in the States, although I’m splitting that with a friend, and 3 pairs of Addi Turbo needles - anyone got any tips on using them?

Argh… I have no money, oh well, who needs food?

And then I went into town to get the last couple of balls for my cardi, and they’d run out of the colour I needed! But I hijacked the lovely, lovely lady who went and found a pack from the back so hopefully it’ll be done in the next couple of days grin Pictures to come…

Fi xxx

ooooo - I so know this sensation. I keep buying for my swap partner, and as I have to do this online, I figure I need to make it worth the shipping, so I add some treats for my own stash. I justify some of this thinking some will go to charity projects, and everything has been on sale (wicked, wicked sales! and now KP has a sale …must…not…look!!) I keep trying to promise I won’t buy one more bit until fall …:rollingeyes:

I have a few Addi Turbo circular needles and just love them. I would use only those if they weren’t so expensive. I have never bought an Interweave knits magazine but you can now get some of the patterns on

Interweave is SO worth it! I love that mag and spend way too much on it myself hehe

Isn’t that like around $75-80 US??!!! Just for magazines??