Eeeep I slipped a couple stitches, what do I do?

:?? I don’t know how but I either missed entirely when knitting a couple stitches or I tugged on the working yarn and pulled a couple stitches out. Is there a way to fix that kind of mistake?

This is my “Aha! I finally knitteded” piece I posted in whatcha knittin’ so I won’t be totally heartbroken if i have to start over with it. Its a super bulky yarn so its somewhat easy to tell where I missed but its also that dark charcoal grey so I while I can feel my way around I can’t just look at it and tell where I goofed either.

as always thanks! :frog:

Hi, Cypher:
If there is a hole and or the stitches are starting to run, I personally would rip back to where the dropped stitch(es) are and continue from there. Amy has a nice video showing how to pick-up stitches before frogging (ripping back) to your desired row underneath the “View Videos” tab at the top of the page in the “Tips” section, scroll down to the middle of the page and you will find it under “Fixing Mistakes.” HTH.

Or you can check out Amy’s videos on fixing mistakes and use a crochet hook to bring the dropped stitches back up to the edge.

I just watched this video and it sure looks like a lot less work than to frog…

Alas, I have no crocheting hooks in my apt. :frowning:

Thanks… I tried that… but I think I’ll just pull out to where I last had a good row. :slight_smile: