EEEE!I need help

Please somebody explain what I do. I have just started this pattern.

1st of all I am knitting this flat, right??? if so, I have knitted the pocket and put my stitches on a stitch holder(as directed in the pattern. Now i need to work on the “main part” in the pattern. It says to CO 40 stitches. I don’t know how to do this. I looked at all the other projects knitted from this pattern and no one says anything except that they love this pattern. I have never knitted socks.

I am making this as a gift and I need to finish it this weekend. I hope someone can help.

FYI: I am using I love this yarn Sport weight, size US 3 needles.

Thank you,

For something like a button hole I usually do a backward loop.
But for 40 stitches I would probably do a cable cast on or a knitted cast on. Something that provides a little more backbone to keep it from slipping.


I looked at the pattern and this is my take on how you would go about making the ipod sock.

First, it’s ok that you don’t know anything about making socks because although the pattern is called a sock, it has very little to do with socks of any kind. Really, it’s a rectangle with an attached pocket that is folded in half and stitched up the bottom and side.

First, you make the pocket and set it aside on either a stitch holder or extra needle.

Then you cast on for the body of the sock. Knit in rib until your piece measures 3 inches. With the wrong side facing you, knit in rib across 22 stitches, cast off 16 stitches and then purl the last 2 stitches on the needle. Turn your work and knit the 2 stitches. Then knit the 16 stitches from the extra needle onto your needle and then knit in rib across the next 22 stitches. Turn your work and knit in rib across all stitches until your piece measures 4 inches.

Change to your smaller needles and with your same yarn or a contrasting color, rib for 2 inches. Fold these 2 inches down and attach. Then sew your bottom and side seams.

Hope this helps.

Good luck with your project!


Thank you for the information. I thought it might be the cable CO, but I wasn’t sure and when I watched the video again this morning after reading your post it all made sense to me. I did as you suggested and it worked out well:)

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Can you tell that I’m very upset. I have spend quite a bit of the day on this project. I guess I just don’t get it. I have frogged it several times because I kept messing up the ribbing. I finally got it so I like it and Then I got to the part where I’m supposed to BO 16 and P2. I did that, the next row says to K2 and transfer 16 sts from the spare needle. ???huh??? My spare needle with the “pocket” is down at the beginning of the body hanging off the corner. I tried to make this work, but I think I did something wrong in the beginning when I did my cable CO. Maybe I was supposed to keep those sts on the spare needle moving up the project as I knit the body. I really don’t understand why I am having so much trouble. I read through all the other Isock projects and no one seemed to have trouble. One person even said it was her very 1st project ever and it was easy.

I really don’t want to give up on this knitting business, but the last couple of projects I’ve worked have really made my say those curse words, under my breath and some out loud. HELP!!!

I read your original plight as you were having it and also thought you were casting off into space.

You were just supposed to cut the pocket panel off and set it aside and make 2 separate pieces, but instead of binding off the pocket panel you put your live stitches on a holder to pick up later.

Take the pocket panel off the holder, frog a row, put the live stitches back on the holder and cut the yarn so you have a tail to weave in at the 40 stitch cast on. One row of sport weight isn’t going to throw the pocket size off.
Then you can pick up those 16 stitches where you need them.

[B]The pocket is a separate piece.[/B] [B]You knit the pocket and [COLOR=Red]set it aside[/COLOR].[/B] Then you cast on 40 stitches using [COLOR=Red][B]another set of needles[/B] [/COLOR]for the body of the sock. After you knit 22 stitches in rib, cast off 16, p2 then you turn your work. Then you k2 and pick up the extra needle with your pocket piece on it. You knit across the 16 stitches from the pocket on to your needle and then rib across the rest of the stitches on your needle. That incorporates the 16 stitches from your pocket onto your needle and attaches it to your work. The kind of cast on you did [B]has nothing[/B] to do with this. You could use any kind of cast on you want. It is a separate piece of knitting.

When I reread your 1st post, it all makes sense. Thank you for all your help. I have it almost finished. I guess I just misinterpreted the pattern in the 1st place and it stuck in my head that way.

Thank you everyone for letting me rant. My DH has been gone all day and tonight. I have no one to talk to… You know how sometimes it helps to talk and clear your head. i feel much better and I will keep knitting, because I love it too much:)

:woohoo: :woohoo: Thank you for all your advice. Here is my itouch sock. The next one will be much faster

Hooray for you! Good work. Thanks for posting the picture. :yay: