Edwin's sweater

Edwin’s little Top down raglanwith football buttons :slight_smile:
Knit with some of the old old Cotton Ease I had in my stash.

That is so cute, love the color and the buttons!

Adorable! And the buttons are a really cute addition! :cheering:

Adorable!! Love the color and football buttons!! Too cute!

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]That’s [B][I]reeeeeeeally[/I][/B] nice[B]! :thumbsup:[/B]
My favorite style knit on babies and small children.

[SIZE=2]p.s. Oboe, English horn or bassoon???[/SIZE][/SIZE][/FONT]

Oh, so cute! Great color, too.

Oboe/English horn :note: :note: :note: :note:

:yay: :thumbsup:

Love it! The buttons are too cute!!

Oh lovely! Great knitting, and it looks like you blocked it very nicely, too! So even. So perfect!

that’s really cute! great job!

I love it! A nice simple, knit and let the color and buttons do the work. This will be well liked. :hug: