Educate me about sweaters

Hi all,

Please someone edumacate me :rofl: on making sweaters. I mean after I pick the pattern etc. What does blocking mean? Why do we block, is it easy putting on sleeves things like that.

I’m really interested in making a sweater/cardigan I can bring to work but I haven’t the slightest idea what some of these terms mean. :pout:

Read this. :slight_smile:

I would like to suggest a Knitting Pure and Simple pattern for your first sweater ( They are mostly patterns that are knit in the round from the top down (no seams!) , and I find the patterns to be very easy to understand. They have a free baby cardigan sweater pattern that you can download and try – a great first attempt at a garment because it is small, but still uses the same techniques you will use in an adult size garment. Many LYS have the various patterns for sale (generally in a binder), or you can do an internet search for patterns for sale online (they don’t sell the patterns from the site). I am just completing a women’s hooded tunic, and I’ve done the baby sweater.

Good luck!