Edited, IS there a 9" Boye cable for circular needles?

I’m thinking of asking a friend to pick up the 9" Boye cable that is at Hobby Lobby (so she tells me). I’m wondering if it is just to make straights, or if you can actually knit in the round with it and two interchangeable needle points (so that would be 17" vs the 20" which is the smallest you can make with the Needlemaster set).

*Edited because I’m looking all over but it’s saying the KnitMates cables come in 12, 14, 16, or 20"! Hmph.

If that doesn’t work, I’m looking at createforless.com, which has 16" Boye circular needles for ridiculously low prices (3.69-4.50). At that price I’m not sure I can justify even the cheap source for Addi’s, which come in at roughly twice that price or more. (I use 16" circs a LOT and want to supplement the Needlemaster set with 16" circs in all sizes).

But the createforless needles come in multiples of 3 packages…so if not I’m wondering if anyone might want to go in on a little group buy of the 16" Boyes…which probably is better to go in a separate post but I’ll just throw it out here anyway! :slight_smile:

No, there’s no 9" cable for the Boye set. It would be logistically impossible to knit properly in the round with a cable that short. I have the Boye set too and that’s one thing that I regret about it, that it only goes to a 20" circ. :frowning: