Edit...SOLD...LOTS of wool

I finally got off my duff and listed some wool I’d like to sell…you can see it all HERE

I do have a buy it now price on all of them if you are impatient, but if you can wait, there could be some good deals…I started all the lots at .99 cents and the smallest one is 15oz.

I have referred to this before as “my crappy ebay wool” but that is mainly because I didn’t get what I thought I was getting. I have tried to describe it better than the previous person…it is NOT a sweater wool but it would be good for lots of other stuff…rugs, kitty pi, felting etc. It doesn’t felt as easily though as some others I’ve tried.

Let me know if you have any questions at all!

Awww I wish my hubby would let me do paypal! (like I need more yarn :roflhard: )

Well if it was someone here with as many posts as you…I’d take a money order. Would just have to wait to ship, not quite as fast.

:thinking: may have to talk to hubby tonight. I love that red New Zealand wool.

Would it make a good purse? (I am wanting a felted one wouldn’t mind if it took longer to felt.)

It is a pretty red…just keep in mind it is only appropriate for certain projects…it’s not soft.