Edgings for Handkerchiefs-finished

[COLOR=blue]I finally finished all of the handkerchiefs for my niece’s wedding. I thought I would post a sample. Thank you to everyone who helped me find patterns! It was fun. The only problem was that after my SIL finished the embroidery they were not quite square. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]Thanks again![/COLOR]

Beautiful! :inlove:

Those are beautiful keepsakes! :heart:

They are beautiful!! You both stitched them with love and if she even notices they’re not “exactly” square, I don’t think she’ll mind a bit. I sure wouldn’t. Great job.

Thank you all. :hug: . I loved doing them for her…

Your embroidery is beautiful and the crochet edging make the whole handkerchief beautiful!!! I think I would use Kleenex to blow my nose and keep these for show!

Thanks! :hug: I am thinking she go the kleenex route too lol.

They’re beautiful! :heart: