The edges of my newest project are rolling up. I am hoping once I put the garment together that this will be less of a problem but would appreciate any suggestions of what to do to solve this problem. Is there a cast on that has less of a tendency to roll?

Nope, if you’re working in stockinette all edges will roll up or curl, different cast ons don’t make a difference. Seaming will help, but usually it takes a few rows of a different stitch to keep them flat. You can pick up sts in the bottom edge and knit some rows in garter or seed st, or crochet across it.

if the rolling edges will get sewn, no need to worry. If they are open (bottom or top or sleeve…) it will only help to knit onto it, crochet, sew… otherways stochinette will roll and roll and roll…

Yeah, my current project is a little sweater with fronts and back done in one piece. It is Rev St st. They had me put 4 rows of garter at the cast on edge, I put 5 and should have put more. It rolled badly. I was supposed to put one row of crochet scallops along the edge, but I decided to put two rows of single crochet before the trim and that has taken out almost all of the curl. Thank goodness. I would have preferred to have just the scallops as it said, but if I didn’t put the single crochet the project would have been a wash, or needed to be completely done over. Saved by the crochet. :thumbsup: