Hello Everyone:

I am new to this site and new to knitting. Can anyone tell me how to get better looking edges/salvages. My instructor said to slip the first stitch but I don’t think that look nice either. :thinking:

Thanks and look forward to you answers.

If you slip the first stitch as if to purl and knit the last stitch in every row, you get a nice edge. If you’re planning to seam the piece, the edge really isn’t as important.

for the life of me i couldn’t get a nice edge via slipping a stitch until i figured out i needed to wrap the yarn around the front needle and then to the back prior to knitting the next stitch… i practiced on a couple swatches until i got it right!

Yes, this makes a lovely edge for a scarf!

I am working on a cardigan and it calls for 9 st for the band and then ends with an edge st. Is an edge st a slip st?

Thanks bunches for your help with my edges. I will definitely give it a try and let you know. :smiley:

Yes, when they call for an edge stitch, you slip the first and knit the last.

Yes, when they call for an edge stitch, you slip the first and knit the last.[/quote]

Really? You learn something new everyday. Hmm, don’t think it should affect a sweater too much if I haven’t been doing that, huh? I thought edge stitch was the same as selvedge stitch.

They are the same, in how you do them. Selvedge is extra, usually, though. Edge is part of the pattern. When you have a cardigan, that front edge isn’t seamed, so you do this on the edge to keep it looking spiffy.

Thank you so much, I think I figured it out. We’ll see. I’m using such a thick yarn that it may not even show much anyhow. Thanks again, it seems to make sense to me now.