Since I am knitting cowls/neck warmers, it would be nice if both edges could look alike but I’m not getting that. I’m not crazy about the CO edge but my BO edges look pretty good. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get them to be more alike? ~Thanks I do a regular long tail CO.

Knitted cast on ?

Here are some suggestions for matching the cast on and bind off edges.

Which cast on and bind off are you currently using?

Thank you, this is very helpful.

I watched some videos and I think that if I can learn the crochet cast on it will make a pretty edge. This video in particular looks like one I can follow.

Good, Pauline. Nice cast on and thanks for the video.

Here is a shot of my first attempt to do this crochet stitch. It was really easy and I may use this method all the time now because of the pretty chain stitch design.

This is the one many people use for provisional cast on, too. It’s the one I use.

I’m not really sure I understand the reason for a provisional cast on. I’ve seen the videos but what are used for? The main purpose?

When you start with a crochet cast on like this you can also knit with another color after you’ve cast on. The original cast on color becomes a provisional cast on and it’s easy to take out.

Provisional cast on is used when you want to insert the needles back in your knitting at the beginning of the work to continue in the other direction or bind off so you have a matching bind off on both ends. I’ve used it many times for hems on hats.

Here’s a picture. The hat on the upper right is hemmed.

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@Jan_in_CA, are those your hats? They look wonderful and the colors are such pleasing combinations.

Yes, they are all pretty hats. I get it now. You have both ends left where you can knit some more and bind one end off exactly like the other end. :+1:

Yes they are! Thanks! I don’t use a pattern… just make it up as a I go along. :wink: