Edges on garments

I am putting edging on a sweater and have picked up stitches around my entire garment using circular needles. Unfortunately, I used smaller needles to make it easier for me to pick up the stitches and now I think am stuck with the smaller needles.

If I use the smaller needles the edging will bunch…correct? Or can I use them for my edging?

So, how do I change out the needles? Can I knit one entire row and then join? Or do I have to transfer to correct size needles (started this and it was a disaster).

Or do I start over? Several articles said use the smaller size needles to make the task easier but I did not think beyound that…


What kid of edging are you doing? If it’s ribbing the smaller ones might be just fine. When I have trouble picking up the stitches, I sometimes use a crochet hook to pull up the loop and then put it on the needle. If the edging isn’t ribbing and picked up stitches aren’t too tight you could just start working them with the larger needle.

Just start knitting with the larger needle in the R hand, it shouldn’t bunch up if you picked up the right amount of sts for the gauge with the larger one. Picking up with the smaller needle just makes the pick ups less noticeable.

Thanks…I decided to do it correctly and tore the whole thing out and proceeded with the correct needles…
I did it much better second time :knitting: