Edge stitch?

I have a pattern for a criss-cross vest by Lang, and it uses a pattern that goes as follows:

Work ajour pat, number of sts divisble by 4+2 edge sts. RS: 1 edge st, p1, 1yo, p2tog, p1 cont rep from * to *, end with 1 edge st.

What is an edge st? What do they mean by ajour pat?

Thanks! I can tell this will be easy once it gets going, it is one long rectangle that gets wrapped around and sewn.

The edge stitches are usually selvadges stitches (not that I can spell that). Those stitches help with seaming. The first stitch on the needles you would slip purl wise and then the last stitch you will knit. This will give you a nice, clean edge.

Not sure about the french though! :??

Ajour could be the name of that particular stitch pattern. :shrug:

So when I cast on…then from the beginning I slip that 1st st?

It really doesn’t matter. If you want to knit the first row just to secure everything, you can.

Thanks Ingrid!

Ajour is more like a pattern type, I think. Everytime I’ve seen anything called ajour (a pattern with that in it or something premade with that name) it’s always kind of open and airy, or gives that impression. I always thought of it as being similar to lace in the knitting context.

ETA: OK, so I am WAY too anal and looked up ajour - it translates to “cutout”

Thanks Krazy! I tried looking it up on a knitting dictionary but couldn’t find it. Yes it is supposed to turn out light and airy - lots of YO’s :teehee: