Edge stitch tension too loose

I’m new so my tension is still in the works. I finally stopped gripping it and loosened up on stitches, but my stitches along the edge when I turn my swatch are way too loose now. I’ve tried not knitting that stitch when I turn, but it’s still too loose. Any suggestions? And I can be quite dense, so please draw me a picture. :lol: Thanks

The stitches on the edge often look loose till you get a few rows beyond each one. How big is your swatch?

A small picture might be helpful. There’s a link in my sig to the thread about posting photos, acceptable size, etc.

What I do on the edges is work the first stitch, then pull the yarn a little and do the next couple sts a little tighter, the rest of the row normally. That seems to make neat even edges even though I knit on larger needles.