Edge - Help - I am confused

I am working a “lace garter inset” pattern. It says

“Work 1 edge st in st st, work lace garter inset to last st, work 1 st in st st for edge stitch”

The first 5 rows of the pattern require straight knitting. Does this mean that I still knit 1 stitch on each end for the right side and purl 1 stitch for the wrong side even though I am knitting all these stitches?

I would be so grateful for some insight.

Many Thanks,


After the garter stitch on the first 5 rows, keep the first and last st in stockinette pattern - that’s during the lace rows.

As suzeeq said, you’re keeping the stockinette pattern on the first and last stitches. Just to be a little more explicit, it means you’re going to knit the first and list stitches on all the RS rows and you’re going to purl the first and last stitches on the WS rows.

But only in the lace section according to the instructions. Her question was whether she does that in the garter st rows, and I suppose she can if she wants, but it’s not necessary.