"economical" stitch to use for super long scarf

Hi all!

I’ve decided to attempt a Dr. Who inspired scarf for a friend of mine. The original (from the classic British sci-fi show) was a multi-color garter-stitch scarf that was 20 feet long or something crazy like that – my plan is to work on Jay’s scarf off and on when I need a break from other projects and see how long it gets by Christmas. I really don’t want to do garter stitch, because I think that’d get really boring really fast. (I’m also going to change the colors, to ones I think he’d like better. The main idea is to just make it as long as possible, that’s why it’s “inspired.”)

Ideally, I’d like to find an “economical” stitch that will help me maximize the length of scarf I can get out of each ball. You know? Any one have any ideas for a good stitch to use, or know of a resource that has data on the relative yarn requirements for different kinds of stitches? Books, websites, whatever. Thanks! :XY:

If Jay is a dedicated Whovian, and especially if he is a big fan of Tom Baker as Doctor Who, you may not want to make very many changes in stitch and color. He may most like, want, use, and appreciate a scarf as close to the original as possible.

It’s problematic as to what can be considered the original, though. There were actually several different scarves which Baker used during his time in the role of the Doctor.

A search under “doctor who scarf knit” yields many pictures, patterns, color combinations, and lengths. You might consider having Jay review them and pick his favorite. If the scarf is to be a surprise, ask him if he has a favorite picture of Baker in the scarf, and then pick a pattern as close to that as you can.

IMHO, the closest to the “original” is found at http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Zone/3746/Scarf.html
Go to “click here” under figure G. This site also gives you an idea of the passion some people feel about this scarf!

Oh Denise, the idea of doing that much garter stitch for that long is just too depressing! Plus, he already has one Dr. Who scarf anyway. He is fond of it, but he never actually wears it – I think it might be too colorful for him since his wardrobe is predominantly gray and black (maybe a bit of brown for variety, lol). Despite his not wearing that one, though, I do think that he would enjoy wearing an absurdly long scarf if it were custom knit just for him. I was thinking of making it narrower (maybe just 8 inches or so) to lessen the overall bulk, and using more subdued colors.

I’m not sure I’m actually going to go through with this plan, but I like the idea of having an ongoing project that I can work on whenever I don’t feel like working on anything else, and I especially like the idea of just seeing how long it ends up being without really having to worry about following a specific pattern or making a deadline.

So are you a Dr. Who fan, Denise? You sound like you may be, or maybe made a scarf for someone who is. I’ve tried watching a couple reruns and just don’t get it. :?? The new series on sci-fi is not bad, though.

:heart: Dr. Who! Thrilled that the new one is on SciFi! Sogrammatical is a new convert also.

Honestly, any long scarf is going to become a drag after about 5 feet. At least garter would be mindless… :thinking:

Don’t know what else to suggest.

Woo! Yes, I am a new convert, as of Tuesday! I wish I could get my hands on some of the original series.

I’m glad that Dr. Who has come up here on KH because I think all of my friends are sick and tired of me talked at them about it. And none of them will watch with me.

I can’t imagine actually making the Fourth Doctor’s scarf. I think I would hang myself with it out of boredom halfway through!

This is also a really good website about making the scarf: http://www.doctorwhoscarf.com/index.html

I’m married to a dyed-in-the-wool fan, and have met enough Whovians to know how passionate they can be!

I briefly considered making a Doctor Who scarf for my hubby, but couldn’t face all that garter stitch, either! :wink:

Given what you’ve said about his other scarf, it sounds like you’re on the right track: subdued colors, long but narrower, something you can work on without a pattern or deadline, a project that’s a welcome filler rather than a taskmaster!

I’ve come across references to a method of deliberately dropping stitches in a patterned way. I believe it makes the finished item longer and/or wider than it’s original knit dimensions. There was a mention awhile back on the Yarn Harlot website of a Christmas gift scarf made this way.

There’s a “ravelled rib stitch” mentioned here that might work http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring04/PATTfrill.html

Amy has an “Elongated Stitch Scarf” under the “free patterns” tab that looks intriguing. And at this site there are some other possibilities http://www.knittingpatterncentral.com/directory/scarves.php

i have done the yarn harlot’s dropped stitch scarf…super easy and depending on the yarn the length when you are finished will double or triple in length. it might be kind of hard to see the stitch in this picture but it ends up looking sort of lacy. the one thing i would say is that if you add yarn, the drop stitching doesn’t work very well.

Thanks for the suggestions, Denise. And thanks for posting the pic of the scarf Brendajos, it’s beautiful… I will definitely have to do some experimenting. It’ll be a good break from working on my first sweater, which somehow seems to need two inches of frogging for every three inches of progress I make. :wall:

Hey, did you guys catch last night’s Dr. Who? It’s definitely the most interesting one so far. I thought last week’s episode was sort of predictable, but this one was just so weird, and it kept getting weirder! I’m really interested to see how it plays out next week.

Do you mean on the BBC or on SciFi in America? I saw the one on SciFi and it was really creepy! And I was watching it alone too because no one will watch it with me (as soon as I mention the word “alien” everyone else just looks at me funny).

My mom and I used to watch Dr. Who together! I hardly remember it, I was so young, I’m rather amazed actually that I liked it so much at such a young age, I must have been 7-10 when we watched it. I don’t remember it hardly at all anymore.

The most economical, flat-laying stitch is seed stitch, because it doesn’t contract width-wise like ribbing or height-wise like garter stitch. Don’t know if it would look Dr. Who-ish, but it would look cool. I think it would be more tedious though, personally, than garter. Any stitch you do for 10 feet is going to be tedious. I say just do the stitch that is easiest on the hands and that you can do while watching TV or other things, which would be garter stitch. If you don’t know how to knit without looking, this could be the perfect opportunity to learn! :wink:

I actually love to have this kind of project on the needles, in tandem with any other project, because I like to have a mindless project that I can do while talking on the phone (with my headset) or in the company of friends, without looking.