Ecology and Imagination socks

I am not totally new to knitting socks, but have not branched out into patterns yet so I use coloring instead for now. The green striped socks are for my grandson’s tenth birthday on Friday and are done in Knitpicks Felici sport yarn in Ecology (he is moving into boy scouts from Cubs scouts in the fall and thought they would go great with his uniform) and the multi orange and red colored socks are for my doctor who is leaving the practice the end of the month and moving to Alaska and since she has been living in Memphis for quite awhile, I thought she would probably need some warm socks! lol They are done in Knitpicks Imagination fingering yarn in Munchkin.

They both look great! How nice of you to knit for your Dr - I’m sure it’s very much appreciated!

[SIZE=“3”][COLOR=“Lime”]Thats really nice of you to knit for both of them! Im working on my first pair of socks now! Lol! Well,great job on your work!:cheering: [/COLOR][/SIZE]

They look great! And I love your color choices … especially the green ones! :inlove:

I had knit for years but never tried socks. I had friends who kept saying how easy they were, but I just wouldn’t do it. I even bought a book of sock patterns and never cracked it open until I found a pattern on which was really easy to follow. From then on I have been a sock enthusiast like a lot of people, only haven’t gotten brave enough to venture into patterns and such yet.

I’m sure that your son and your dr will appreciate the socks–You did a good job!

They are pure perfection! You should be very proud of your accomplishments! Great work!!

(sock envy here!)

Congrats!! They both look perfect!! I’m sure they will be much appreciated!

Once you knit that first pair your hooked, I know that I was :teehee: Aren’t socks fun to knit? But even better, they feel sooooo good on your feet. Great Job!

Oh wow!!! I love these socks! They are so bright and cheerful! And how generous of you! I have a very hard time parting with my sock babies!!

By the way, I thought I would add that working with sock patterns is a piece of cake if you have a good designer who’s laid out the steps clearly. That is why I love Cookie A so much. Her patterns look so complicated, but when you take them section by section, they are so easy. She leaves nothing to the imagination.

Press on, my Friend. You’re doing such a great job!!

Everytime I see you post another pair of socks, I get serious sock envy. Part of my problem is I am left handed and knit left handed so sometimes I get into trouble with patterns. When I first started knitting socks, when I would get to the short rows, I would always end up with an extra stitch. I would tear out and redo and tear out and redo and everytime I would be off a stitch at the end, which I would end up just knitting together. About 2 months ago I figured out because I am left handed I needed to start my short rows on the purl side instead of the knit side. DUH!!! lol Anyway, I just love every pair you make and I have made about 10 pairs now and only one have I kept for myself and that was the very first pair I made. They have all gone to my grandsons or for gifts.

Oh and I had a dr appt yesterday and she loved her new socks saying she was very touched. She was so thrilled you would have thought I gave her a 5 carat ring. So, a little love goes a long way. I am sure going to miss her. She was a terrific doctor, but she personally assigned me a new resident so I will again have a doctor for 3 years. I just hope she is as wonderful as Dr Pang.

Yikes! No wonder the patterns are challenging! Kudos to you for figuring out what to do though!

You truly are generous! I’ve gifted one pair of my socks…because they were specially asked for. I am not as nice as you, I suppose. :teehee:

Keep on with the good work!!

Your colors are amazing and your work is awsome! Losing a good dr is so hard, how nice of you to gift something your dr will use and remember you when she does.