Eck....ran out of yarn. What do I do?

OK, so I knitted a diagonal baby blanket and ran out of yarn about 10 yards too soon. I was forced to cast off because I can’t get the yarn (bought in on vacation a year ago from a speciality store), So, at the corner of the blanket it looks “chopped off” by about 2 inches and the corner isn’t square. Now what?? It looks horrible. My mother-in-law suggested knitting a circular piece in for the new mom to use as a hook. Any other suggestions??

Not especially creative, but you can go back to where you started decreasing on the second half, take out another couplethree rows and begin the decreases again.

Or do the corner in a contrasting color and add a hood so it looks intentional. If you have any extra you could do a border with the old color just on the hood to match or use the new color to do a border on the blanket. Voila!

Here’s some instructions on how to do it.

Oooooh, that’s a great idea!

If it’s just a small piece that’s missing, you could make a stuffed animal in a coordinating color, gather up the cropped corner, and attach the two.